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Standing Desks & Furniture

Our stand-up desks are designed to improve posture, health, wellbeing and productivity by increasing movement at work through alternating the working position from sitting to standing and back again on a regular basis. A stand-up desk increases blood flow which in turn increases oxygen levels and increased productivity and alertness - whilst also elongating the spinal column and reducing strain on the back muscles.

View our wide range of stand-up desks below and filter your requirements for either electric or manual standing desks, height range, brand and Conset desk model to find the right stand up desk for you! If you need any assistance please get in touch!

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What is a standing desk?

Standing desks (stand-up desks) are desks which can be manually or electrically adjusted to both sitting and standing heights to prevent health conditions arising from prolonged sitting. They are designed to encourage greater movement and promote better posture.

Standing Desks and Furniture

Sitting down all day is a recipe for trouble, however you look at it. Bad backs, weight issues, slow metabolisms, weakening joints... The list of issues goes on. It may be common to sit through your 9-to-5, but if you take into account sitting down during your commute, sitting down to relax and unwind at home and then going to bed for the night, it becomes clear that we are all guilty of a lack of movement in our general lives.

Recent medical research suggests that sitting too much could be causing as many deaths per yer as smoking. An easy solution to this is to simply stand up more at work. The only way to achieve this previously in the workplace was to stand up and walk around which affected productivity. That's why standing desks were developed - to enable the workforce to alternate from sitting to standing regularly while continuing to work.

The increased movement provided by standing desks helps to avoid multiple health problems by improving posture and increasing blood circulation. This reduces the strain placed on the discs, spinal column and surrounding muscles to minimise musculoskeletal injuries. Standing desks also boost metabolism by increasing the heart rate slightly when compared to purely sitting - aiding weight loss and general health.

Our standing desk range

Our range of standing desks allow standing at work in any environment at a height which suits any user, making them the ideal solution for active working and hot-desking. Our desk accessories and furniture mean you can customise your standing desk exactly as required. We stock a range of storage options including locking drawers and filing-cabinet style furniture, giving you more options when working.The frames of our standing desks can also be purchased on their own, providing a cost-effective standing desk solution by utilising existing tops.

Our range of standing desks and furniture can fit any office needs and budget with a range of colours and specification to match, whilst also increasing productivity and workplace happiness through increased blood flow and oxygen levels. We provide both electric standing desks (Conset desks), and manually adjustable standing desks. The Conset electric desks are the most popular standing desk range due to their ease of adjustment through a simple button switch. Manual standing desks such as VARIDESK offer a cost-efficient option for limited budgets or where existing desks can't be replaced.

If you need more movement at work then don't just sit there! Stand there!

Have a look through our range of standing desks and furniture and find your perfect workstation today!