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Tempur Seat Wedge

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Product Code: BCS8021

Tempur Seat Wedge is an ergonomic seat support that has been designed to enhance your comfort when sitting. The wedge shape pushes your pelvis forward which helps to relieve pressure on your back as it brings you into a more ergonomically correct upright posture. This is an ideal solution for anybody working for long periods in a sitting position.

Tempur Seat Wedge Product Details

Tempur Seat Wedge pushes your pelvis forwards due to its inclined design. Pushing your pelvis forwards puts you into a more ergonomic posture which straightens your back and relieves pressure. This helps to protect you from fatigue and strain, especially if you spend long amounts of time in a seated position.

The seat wedge contains visco-elastic cells that actively mould and adapt to your body. This provides extra cushioning and support so there is less chance of fatigue and strain in your lower back, buttocks and legs.

The support is highly portable so you can enjoy greater comfort and improved posture wherever you are.

Ergonomic Benefits

Ergonomic products can significantly improve your health and wellbeing at work and allow you to perform at your best. Good sitting posture means your ears, shoulders and pelvis are kept in alignment.

Ergonomic seat supports and wedges provide enhanced comfort and distribute body weight more evenly so you can sit for longer periods of time. They promote good posture by promoting the correct alignment of the hips.

You may already have a reasonable office chair with a good seat cushion, however, there may well be many instances where the place you sit has inappropriate seat support, if any at all. An ergonomic seat support or wedge is perfect for these situations as it enables you to convert your existing furniture into something with improved postural support.

Seat supports and wedges are easily portable making them suitable while commuting on public transport, in your car and when flying.

If you have had an injury, a seat support or wedge could help aid the rehabilitation process. The support will allow you to relax so your body can begin and maintain the healing process, free from stress and strain.

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Price as configured:£69.95 (£83.94 inc. VAT)
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Tempur Seat Wedge Features

  • Improves posture
  • Visco-elastic cells that actively mould and adapt to your body
  • Blue fabric cover is removable for washing
  • Non-slip cloth
  • 3-year guarantee
  • Portable and lightweight

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Width (cm): 40
Depth (cm): 40
Height (cm): 9

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