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Accuratus Monster 2 Mixed Colour Keyboard

£55.00 66.00 inc. VAT)
Product Code: BCS682531

Accuratus Monster 2 Mixed Colour Keyboard is the perfect entry into computing for young children. The keyboard features large, oversized keys grouped into different colours to assist with learning while making it fun. Maybe you just want a keyboard with big colourful keys because they look cool, whatever the reason, these tough keyboards are precise and a joy to use.

Accuratus Monster 2 Mixed Colour Keyboard Product Details

Accuratus Monster 2 Mixed Colour Keyboard is a wonderful educational tool for young children thanks to its large keys that have been colour-coded into vowels, consonants and numbers. Easy to learn text is written on the keys (tab, capitals, shift, spacebar, enter and backspace) making them easy to find when you are unfamiliar with a keyboard.

The keyboard has the same dimensions as s standard full-sized keyboard but with keys that are considerably larger at 24mm square. The keys have a tactile responsive feel for comfortable and accurate typing.

The modern piano black case has bevelled edges and features a detachable wrist pad for comfortable typing and a place to rest your hands in between tasks. Spill holes are created in the base of the keyboard so that any accidental spillages can escape without damaging the keyboard. This is a great feature especially when young children are using the keyboard.

The keyboard connects via a 1.5m USB cable and a further two USB ports are available allowing you to conveniently connect other devices to your computer.

Two foldable feet are available on the back underside of the keyboard which raises the angle for ease of use and visibility.

Ergonomic Benefits

Research by Microsoft shows that an active computer user covers 32 km with their fingers daily which makes your keyboard a very important part of your workstation. This means that choosing the right keyboard is vital.

Prolonged typing can be strenuous and lead to discomfort and injury if an ergonomic keyboard is not utilised. With an ergonomic keyboard keys typically offer low-impact typing and optimised layouts are high-contrast with function keys positioned for efficiency and minimal movement. These ergonomic features allow you to focus and work more productively, protected from strain.

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Price as configured:£55.00 (£66.00 inc. VAT)
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Accuratus Monster 2 Mixed Colour Keyboard Features

  • Black case with modern gloss piano black bevelled edge
  • Same outer size as a conventional keyboard
  • Large 24mm square keys
  • Tactile feedback responsive keys
  • Detachable wrist pad for comfortable typing
  • Colour coded easy to read keys
  • Easy to learn text written on the keys
  • Spill holes in the base for minor spillages
  • Durable fold-down feet providing keyboard tilt
  • Capitals (Caps lock) green status LED
  • Two-port USB hub built-in
  • USB connectivity
  • Plug and play
  • Windows compatibility

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Connectivity: Wired
Width (cm): 46.5
Depth (cm): 18
Height (cm): 2.7

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