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Anti Glare Screen Filter

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Product Code: BCS66585 , BCS66586, BCS66586-W, BCS665861, BCS66587, BCS66589-W, BCS66591, BCS66592

Anti Glare Screen Filters help to reduce glare and mirror-like reflections that make it difficult to view your screen. These impairments can lead to eye strain, headaches and discomfort from bad posture as you manoeuvre to view your screen.

Anti Glare Screen Filter Product Details

Anti Glare Screen Filters are particularly useful in environments where it is hard to control the amount of light that can be reflected off your screen. Screen filters allow you to enjoy a clear screen in brightly lit indoor areas and even near windows, without tilting you monitor or adjusting your posture. This allows you to work more efficiently, free from fatigue and strain.

Filters can be removed and reattached when needed and look discreet when in-situ, leaving your workstation aesthetics uncompromised. Numerous sizes are available in both standard and widescreen formats.

Ergonomic Benefits

Anti Glare Screen Filters ensure your workstation is protected from overhead lighting and natural light. Glare can make working at a computer screen difficult and at its worst, referencing can become impossible, if the screen is washed out.

Screen contrast can also be affected, by light reflecting off the screen. Not only does this compromise your ability to work but also means you continually need to refocus your eyes to reference. This could be occurring at a low level so you perhaps aren’t even aware it is happening. This refocussing places great strain on your eyes and the muscles that surround your eyes. This can lead to strain, headaches and vision-related health issues.

A screen filter will help minimise this glare but there are other things you can do to your environment to help. Consider the following adjustments:

  • Try to make sure you monitor is not directly in front of an exposed window as the natural light will drastically affect the screen. If it is not possible to move your screen then the natural light can be controlled with window blinds, curtains or some form of barrier
  • Ensure your screen is clean and free from dust as this can alter the contrast
  • Make sure the contrast and brightness of the monitor is adjusted to a sufficient level as this will help counter glare and reflection

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Price as configured:£79.99 (£95.99 inc. VAT)
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Anti Glare Screen Standard Features

  • Reduces distracting reflections on your screen
  • Discrete design
  • Reattachable fixing
  • Standard or widescreen
  • Multiple dimension options

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