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Arrow Tablet Stand

£49.99 59.99 inc. VAT)
Product Code: BCS6132

Arrow Tablet Stand allows you to quickly raise the height of your tablet, so the screen is positioned at an ergonomic height, to suit your postural needs. The unit can also be configured to provide hand and wrist supports so you can type safely and comfortably.

Arrow Tablet Stand Product Details

Arrow Tablet Stand is thin, lightweight and highly portable, allowing you to work ergonomically at your desk and on the go. The unit offers 5 angles from 54-75° and two height settings so you can ensure your postural needs are being met. An additional setting allows you to position the unit at 22° with palm rests that offer support for typing.

The stand is perfect for use with multiple devices, like iPads, Samsung Galaxy and Amazon Fire tablets and can be used in either portrait or landscape form. Easy portability is ensured with the unit folding flat to only 7mm and weighing a mere 270g, which is great as it comes with a free transportation wallet to offer protection while commuting.

Winner of a Fira International Ergonomic Excellence Award.

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Ergonomic Benefits

Tablet stands are an essential ergonomic product for tablet users. Typically, a tablet screen is positioned at a working height that is far too low for healthy use. This results in a hunched posture and downward viewing angle which places strain on your eyes, neck, shoulders and back. Eventually, this awkward posture could lead to a musculoskeletal injury.

In order to avoid this poor posture, a tablet stand acts as a riser and positions the screen at an ergonomic viewing angle so you can work in comfort, protected against injury and strain.

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Price as configured:£49.99 (£59.99 inc. VAT)
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Arrow Tablet Stand Standard Features

  • Compactly folds for easy transportation
  • Suitable for all iPad models, Microsoft Surface, Galaxy, Kindle Fire, and any other tablet up to 10mm in thickness
  • Supports tablets in portrait or landscape
  • 2 angle settings
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • 2.6mm thick and weighs 210g
  • Stores keyboards from 153-300mm
  • Supplied with plastic outer case

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Width (cm): 24
Depth (cm): 0.7 (Folded)
Height (cm): 20
Product Weight: 150g

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