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Arrow Tablet Stand

£49.99 59.99 inc. VAT)
Product Code: BCS6132

The Arrow Tablet Stand alleviates the uncomfortable feeling and poor posture associated with tablet use. Ordinary tablet use gives no support for the hands or wrist while typing and leaves the tablet at an uncomfortably low viewing position. The Arrow Tablet Stand combats these problems by lifting the tablet to an upright viewing angle and height, whilst also offering palm and wrist support.

Arrow Tablet Stands are suitable for all iPad models, Galaxy, Kindle Fire and all other tablets up to 1.25cm thick. They are also ideal for using with one of our tablet keyboards for an even better ergonomic setup and has been awarded the FIRA Ergonomic Excellence Award.

To gain the most comfort whilst using the Arrow Tablet Stand, place it at the front of the desk to encourage a straight and natural wrist position, however you can use it almost anywhere. It will fold flat for easy transportation and weighs only 150 grams.

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Price as configured:£49.99 (£59.99 inc. VAT)
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Standard Features
  • Suitable for all iPad models, Galaxy, Kindle Fire and many other tablets up to 12.5mm thickness
  • Lightweight at just 150 grams and folds flat to 7mm
  • Integrated palm support at 22 degrees
  • 2 height settings for an improved tablet viewing position
  • 5 angle settings from 54 - 75 degrees
  • Allows for an upright viewing angle when used with an external keyboard
Width (cm): 24
Depth (cm): 0.7 (Folded)
Height (cm): 20
Product Weight: 150 grams

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