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Olympus DM-770 Digital Voice Recorder

£166.00 199.20 inc. VAT)
Product Code: BCS70930
The Olympus DM-770 digital voice recorder is a high-quality recording device to help with note taking. It is a digital voice recorder that delivers fantastic voice and audio recordings, as well as playback of music, audio books and podcasts. As with its predecessor (DM-670), the Olympus DM-770 includes the TRESMIC System for superb stereo recordings.
The multiple stereo microphones on the DM-770 voice recorder take the audio quality to another level with a more balanced sound. Audio is saved on the digital recorder as either MP3, WMA or Linear PCM files which exceed CD quality. To add to this, the Olympus DM-770 features 6 scene modes to set the optimal recording parameters in different environments.
Made for unconditional support, the Olympus DM-770 provides fully-fledged professional features for blind touch use with enhanced Voice Guidance in seven languages (EN, FR, DE, ES, IT, RU and SV) in combination with distinctive button contours providng the operation by touch alone.
The sound quality is also matched by generous storage on the Olympus DM-770 with 8GB internal memory and a microSD card slot for even more memory if required.

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Price as configured:£166.00 (£199.20 inc. VAT)
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  • Light-Weight design
  • Milestone-Marker, to record in every detail with up to 200 index marks
  • Supporter of blind touch use, with Advanced Voice Guidance and Distinctive Button Contours
  • Attentive Listener, with the integrated TRESMIC System and MP3 or PCM format recordings
  • Well-resourced recorder, bundled with the SONORITY Software incl. audio notebook Plug-In, a strap and a Carrying case
  • Flexible Accompanist, with direct-USB connection, standardised Ni-MH battery, microSD slot and internal memory recordings

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