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Back App develop and manufacture chairs that exercise the stabilising muscles of the back while in a seated position, to improve the health and wellbeing of all Back App users. Back App chairs are designed to engage the core muscles in the back to build strength and improve posture. The wobble mechanism also provides greater movement and support in all your seated actions, whilst the various heights and a perched position, to make them ideal for use with sit-stand desks.

The Back App 2.0 is available with both a fixed base and wheels for greater mobility. They also include a ring base, a balance ball which can be adjusted to alter the intensity of the wobble function and a saddle seat to tilt the pelvis and open the hip angle.

The unique and modern look of the Back App makes it the ideal choice for both office and home use.

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Back App 2.0
Back App 2.0
£586.00 ex. VAT
Back App 360 Balance Board
Back App 360 Balance Board
£173.00 ex. VAT
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