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Cherry G84-4100 Compact Keyboard

£54.00 64.80 inc. VAT)
Product Code: BCS993

Cherry G84-4100 Compact Keyboard provides a solution for when space is limited and/or when you need a lightweight option for mobile working. The keyboard retains all the functionality and usability of a full-size keyboard with keys that are reliable and accurate to use. Functionality can be further enhanced by adding the Cherry G84-4700 Numeric Keypad.

CHERRY G84-4100 Compact Keyboard Product Details

Cherry G84-4100 Compact Keyboard is perfectly suited for workstations with limited space or for slipping into your laptop bag for mobile working and hot-desking. The keyboard offers all the same functionality of a full-sized keyboard while boasting a considerably smaller footprint.

Individual keys have gold crosspoint contacts and are designed for continuous usage of over 20 million confirmations per key. The keys provide a high level of reliability along with unique precision confirmation feeling.

Cherry G84-4700 Numeric Keypad further enhances the functionality of the keyboard with the convenience of positioning and the choice of using it only when you need to. The key technology is identical to that of the keyboard.

Plug and play setup.

Ergonomic Benefits

Research by Microsoft shows that an active computer user covers 32 km with their fingers daily which makes your keyboard a very important part of your workstation. This means that choosing the right keyboard is vital.

Prolonged typing can be strenuous and lead to discomfort and injury if an ergonomic keyboard is not utilised. Compact ergonomic keyboards are designed to bring your mouse closer to your body which helps to create a much tighter workspace. This means you don’t need to overreach to use your mouse and exertion of your arms and shoulders is minimised, protecting against fatigue and strain.

Keys typically offer low-impact typing and layouts are high-contrast and optimised with function keys positioned for efficiency and minimal movement. These ergonomic features allow you to focus and work more productively, protected from strain.

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Price as configured:£54.00 (£64.80 inc. VAT)
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Cherry G84-4100 Compact Keyboard Features

  • Standard keyboard in a compact size
  • Optional numeric keypad Cherry G84-4700
  • Optimised layout
  • 20 million key operations
  • Accurate confirmation affirming keys
  • Easy to transport
  • USB connectivity
  • Plug and play

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Connectivity: Wired
Width (cm): 28
Depth (cm): 13
Height (cm): 2.4

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