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Contour Balance Keyboard

£66.66 79.99 inc. VAT)
Product Code: BCS68289

The brand new Balance Keyboard from Contour is the perfect combination when used with all Contour RollerMouse models. The Contour Balance Keyboard includes the option to incline the keyboard, angling it away from the user for a natural wrist position. The touch-sensitive keys reduce strain on the hands, arms and shoulders, ensuring minimal strain on upper limbs when used with a RollerMouse.

The Contour Balance Keyboard is also wireless (powered by two AAA batteries), connecting to your Mac or computer by a simple USB receiver. The multimedia keys also make for quick access to computer functions and can be easily programmed to suit specific user requirements.

Specifically designed for use with a Contour RollerMouse, the Balance Keyboard puts your hands in the perfect, stress-free typing position - whilst ensuring both keyboard and mouse remain within close proximity to ensure easy-reach. The Balance Keyboard's adjustable legs and tilt options allow for negative, neutral and positive typing angles. 

If you already have a Contour RollerMouse or are thinking of getting one, then the Contour Balance Keyboard will be the ideal keyboard companion!

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Price as configured:£66.66 (£79.99 inc. VAT)
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  • Wireless for ease of use
  • Aligns perfectly with the RollerMouse 
  • Includes Number Pad
  • Indicatorb lights for battery level, caps lock and function lock
  • A larger 'A' key to prevent accidental caps lock selection
  • Fn lock allows for immediate use of all function keys
  • Reduced bottom edge to minimise reach from the roller bar of a RollerMouse to the keyboard 
Connectivity: Wireless
Width (cm): 39.2
Depth (cm): 11.9
Height (cm): 2

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