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Contour RollerMouse Red

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Product Code: BCS68262 , BCS68263

Contour RollerMouse Red is a series of centred, roller bar mice with an award-winning design that ensures you have variation and control when spending many hours working in front of a computer. RollerMouse Red’s buttons and open roller bar allow you to alternate between your right and left hands. It minimises repetitive strain injuries associated with one-sided use of muscles and tendons and ensures an uplift in your performance.

Contour RollerMouse Red Product Details

Contour RollerMouse Red is an award-winning mouse, scooping the Red Dot Design Award in 2013 for its sophisticated design. Today the mouse is still very popular, with its soft-brushed aluminium case and characteristic red detailing. The stable rubber-covered roller bar with its textured surface makes it easy to move the cursor and click precisely, which is very important during intense computer work.

RollerMouse Red allows you to increase your performance while also ensuring you can work in comfort and safety. As well as a centralised layout and a roller bar, it also features a number of pre-programmed buttons that facilitate the most commonly used mouse functions such as double-click, copy and paste. By using the buttons on the mouse, you minimise the number of clicks that you would otherwise do with a traditional computer mouse. This helps to minimise strain and fatigue and if you need to reprogram the buttons, this is easily done with the optional software driver.

No matter whether you work with one screen or more, the mouse has been optimised to facilitate screen navigation, and the cursor’s range can be altered, meaning you can easily work with multiple screens at the same time.

RollerMouse Red is available as a standard-sized model and a plus-sized model and both options are available with wired or wireless functionality. The Plus model has a deep, low and wide wrist support, providing a better angle for your wrists if you have a slightly larger hand. No matter which model you choose, you can adapt the mouse completely to your needs, and the intuitive and intelligent functions will help you to work more ergonomically and increase your performance.

The impact RollerMouse can have on your work should not be overlooked. In a Nordic survey with 4,000 participants conducted in collaboration with Coxit, as many as 99% of those surveyed who had experienced pain or discomfort associated with mouse work stated that a centred mouse had eliminated pain and discomfort.

Ergonomic Benefits

The chances are you are spending a vast amount of time at work and at home using a computer for tasking and recreation. This invariably means using some form of mouse or touchpad to fulfil your duties. Over time, the focussed and repetitive movements of mouse work can lead to musculoskeletal disorders and affect your performance. This makes the mouse an incredibly important part of your workstation.

Ergonomic mice are quite diverse and one that is correctly specified will not only meet your physical needs, but also help you to optimise your workspace. The mouse will safeguard you from the risk of pain and injury and also allow you to work efficiently and accurately.

Ergonomic mice can help with conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Strain Injury and Arthritis.

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Contour RollerMouse Red Features

  • Centre mouse roller design
  • New sensor allows for more precise cursor movement
  • Sleek and durable aluminium provides both aesthetics and reliability
  • Eliminates reaching associated with traditional mice to relieve neck, shoulder and elbow pain
  • No gripping necessary
  • Suitable for precision tasks such as CAD/CAM and design/illustration work
  • Works with standard keyboards
  • Plus version has larger wrist rest padding for greater comfort
  • Leatherette wrist rest covering
  • 7 buttons with 6 programmable
  • 600 - 2800 DPI cursor speeds
  • Wired USB connectivity or wireless
  • Optional drivers to allow programming the buttons
  • Mac and Windows compatibility
  • Plug and play

Key Functions:

  • A - Roller bar (for cursor movement)
  • B - Copy
  • C - Left-click
  • D - One-touch double click
  • E - Cursor speed
  • F - Scroll wheel
  • G - Right-click
  • H - Paste

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Connectivity: Wired
Right/Left Handed: Right , Left, Ambidextrous
Width (cm): 41
Depth (cm): 10
Height (cm): 2.3

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