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Contour Unimouse

£66.66 79.99 inc. VAT)
Product Code: BCS682675, BCS682676

The Contour Unimouse is a uniquely designed ergonomic mouse that offers comfort and support regardless of hand size. It has an adjustable angle to offer a hand position to suit all users. At the highest angle, the Unimouse provides a 90 degree angle which assists in the management and prevention of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) and carpal tunnel syndrome.

As with all Contour products, the Unimouse includes multiple programmable buttons plus double click, forward browser and back browser to minimise repetitive movements. The thumb support is also designed to reduce gripping and further help to reduce RSI.

The Unimouse is available in both wired and wireless versions. The wireless Unimouse has integrated rechargeable batteries and a charging cable to enable wired use if required.

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Price as configured:£66.66 (£79.99 inc. VAT)
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The patented articulating hinge allows you to adjust the angle anywhere between 35 and 70 degrees.


The ATS (Articulating Thumb Support) eliminates excessive gripping to help reduce RSI. The thumb rest accommodates allows you to relax your grip in any position, regardless of your hand size and shape.


The Unimouse provides seamless performance on almost any surface at a working distance of up 8 meters, with ten cursor speed selections.

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Connectivity: Wired, Wireless
Right/Left Handed: Right

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