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Copymate Premier Document Holder

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Product Code: BCS6044 , BCS60441

The Copymate Premier Document Holder offers a host of practical features designed to enable document referencing comfortably, without strain.

A 30mm deep bottom ledge provides generous support for various media such as documents, binders and books making it a versatile partner for copying and referencing. The document holder includes an adjustable document retaining clip and line guide to further enhance your referencing experience.

The design allows easy depth and angle adjustment plus 200mm vertical and 350mm horizontal adjustment making it easy to configure the document holder to your exacting needs. The fixed stand incorporates a 25mm monitor stand upon which to position your display screen.

Copymate Premier Document Holder offers numerous ergonomic benefits. The slope raises the height of paperwork and offers varied viewing angles which means your posture remains in a healthy position without the need to strain to read paperwork. It also places documents in-line with, or adjacent to the computer screen which removes the need to constantly twist the head when referencing. This minimises the chance of developing postural problems or further aggravating existing ones.

This stand is fully compatible with the Le Bloc monitor risers allowing you to attain the correct height for your screen reducing the chances of strain. Once the monitor is in place then your document holder is held very securely in position and can support the heaviest of documents.

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Price as configured:£45.00 (£54.00 inc. VAT)
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Copymate Premier Document Holder Standard Features

  • Easy height and angle adjustment
  • Allows positioning at side of screen as well as in-line
  • 30mm deep bottom ledge
  • Includes line guide and copy retaining clip
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Available in 35cm and 48cm widths

Technical Specifications


  • Width 48cm
  • Width 35cm
Width (cm): 35 | 48
Depth (cm): 28.5

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