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Disability Student Allowance Assessment

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Our Disability Student Allowance (DSA) assessments are designed to ensure students with disabilities or mental / physical heath conditions are able to study comfortably. The Disability Student Allowance provides funding to students with such conditions to purchase specialist workstation equipment. If you have contacted Student Finance and have been referred for a specialist workstation assessment or are a DSA supplier / assessment centre requiring a student to be assessed for their workstation requirements, then please book an assessment today.

Our student assessments are completed face to face with the student ideally in their living space. We will assess every aspect of their working environment and provide a full report with recommendations of improvements to be made.

Please note that during Covid-19 all on-site assessments will be conducted whilst trying to observe social distancing guidelines. Some close interaction may be required to adjust existing equipment but all of our assessors are fully equipped with PPE to ensure this is completed safely.

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What is the Disability Student Allowance (DSA)?

The Disability Student Allowance (DSA) is designed to help students cover the extra costs incurred as a result of mental health problems, ongoing illness or any other disabilities. This funding is on top of other student finance funding and is not repayable. The amount that you receive is down to individual needs and not based on household income. The DSA can help you with the costs of specialist equipment such as a specialist chair or desk, non-medical helpers and travel.

To ensure you are eligible for DSA funding you will need to contact your relevant Student Finance body who will confirm your eligibility and advise on the next steps to get a needs assessment arranged.

How can we help assessment centres / other suppliers?

Usually, Student Finance will ask students to contact an assessment centre to complete a needs assessment. In these cases, we are able to complete the workstation related needs assessment and advise on any specialist equipment requirements around the workstation. A full, comprehensive and detailed report will be provided with our findings and recommendations within 24 hours of the assessment being completed.

What happens before, during and after my DSA Assessment?

Once your DSA assessment is requested, we will contact you to book a date and time for the assessment which is convenient for you.

On the day of the assessment we will conduct a face to face assessment in which we will discuss any disabilities in greater depth and analyse your workstation / living space. Each aspect of the working environment will be assessed and observations of working posture and existing equipment will take place. We shall take measurements for the student and take photographs of the working environment to assist in the recommendations made. We can, upon request, take products out with us to the DSA assessments to try products with the students - these will not be left on site.

Following the DSA assessment, we shall provide a comprehensive report which outlines any risks identified and explains any changes made at the assessment. Advice and recommendations to be considered for implementation will also be provided within the report.&


If you require one of our ergonomic chairs and are unsure which model and features you require then please complete our POSE Form below.

Our POSE form takes your body measurements and clinical details which enables us to specify a chair model suited to you and your needs.

Simply send the form back to us and we will return a quote for the correct model and specification that you require within 1 business day.

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