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Telephone DSE Workstation Assessment

£50.00 60.00 inc. VAT)

Our remote, telephone DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessments provide the same level of in-depth advice and recommendations as our face to face advanced assessments but with quicker lead times and adherence to social distancing guidelines during Covid-19.

We will contact you prior to your telephone DSE assessment to obtain measurements and photographs of you at your workstation. These will then be used during the assessment to give us an environmental reference point to underpin our recommendations and advice. A full report will be provided immediately after the assessment to highlight any areas of risk and consideration of improvement to provide enhanced comfort and productivity.

Our telephone DSE assessments offer a quick and cost-effective solution to individual and organisational DSE requirements.

Please note - we offer the option of the assessment being conducted via phone call or video call. Please select your preference below

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Price as configured:£50.00 (£60.00 inc. VAT)
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Why would you need a telephone DSE workstation assessment?

Anyone that is suffering from pain or discomfort at their workstation would benefit from our telephone assessment. It will provide advice and recommendations to assist with pain management and improve productivity.

What happens before, during and after my DSE telephone assessment?

Once your Telephone DSE assessment is ordered, we will send you a form to complete which captures your measurements, height, weight and any areas of discomfort and pain. This provides us with a bit of background prior to the assessment. We will also request images of you at your workstation to give us a visual representation of your working environment, equipment and workstation. Once these have been received we will book a date and time for the assessment which is convenient for you.

During the assessment we will discuss your situation in greater depth and analyse your workstation one aspect at a time to uncover any risks or improvements to be made. This will be a discussion over working style, typical working routine and pain progression.

Following the telephone DSE assessment, we shall provide a full report outlining any advice and recommendations to be considered for implementation. If applicable, a quote shall also be provided for any product recommendations.

Please note - we offer the option of the assessment being conducted via phone call or video call. Please select your preference below


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Our POSE form takes your body measurements and clinical details which enables us to specify a chair model suited to you and your needs.

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