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ErgoBeads Mouse Wrist Rest

£15.25 18.30 inc. VAT)

ErgoBeads Mouse Wrist Rest is filled with massaging ergoBeads which makes it an incredibly comfortable ergonomic support. The unique design is shaped for easy manoeuvring of your mouse, while comfortably supporting your wrist and forearm to eliminate stress.

ErgoBeads Mouse Wrist Rest Product Details

ErgoBeads Mouse Wrist Rest is a cool and comfortable ergonomic support that cushions your wrist as you work with your mouse. The wrist rest’s design allows it to contour for use with most mice and can be chilled for extra cooling relief.

The wrist rest is washable.

Ergonomic Benefits

Ergonomic wrist rests ensure good posture by limiting the angle to which your wrists can bend, avoiding unnecessary stress on your wrists. It is important to note that wrist rests shouldn’t provide the surface from which to work, moreover, your hands should move freely and be elevated above the rest. A good ergonomic posture ensures your arms sit naturally and parallel with the floor, with your hands supported at the same height.

During periods of downtime, or when your work routines do not require keyboard or mouse use, wrist rests provide a comfortable surface to rest and this should be via the heel or palm of your hand. This helps prevent compression in your blood vessels, tendons and nerves which is one of the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. Resting your wrist on a hard surface like a table causes pressure on your wrists, making the rest potentially harmful.

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Price as configured:£15.25 (£18.30 inc. VAT)
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ErgoBeads Mouse Wrist Rest Standard Features

  • Supports wrist for mouse use
  • Contains massaging ergoBeads
  • Can be chilled for extra relief
  • Can be used with most mice
  • Washable
Width (cm): 13.95
Depth (cm): 8.25

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