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Gentle Forme Back Support Belt

£39.50 47.40 inc. VAT)

Gentle Forme Back Support Belt provides gentle and flexible support and protection which helps relieve pain. Used in clinical practices for many years its discreet, slimline design helps stabilise the hips and pelvis through compression but without restricting movement.

Gentle Forme Back Support Belt Product Details

Gentle Forme Back Support Belt is an excellent solution for back pain and sports-related injuries. It helps maintain posture and can significantly reduce discomfort. The support features a removable back protection pad that adds extra support and provides the convenience of touch close fastening.

The support is suitable for waist sizes as follows:

  • Small: 56cm-69cm (22″-27″)
  • Medium: 71cm-84cm (28″-33″)
  • Large: 86cm-99cm (34″-39″)
  • XLarge: 102cm-114cm (40″-45″)

The support belt in all size variations is 20cm at the back reducing to 13cm at the front.

Ergonomic Benefits

Back support belts provide support for your back as an everyday aid, to help clinically and can be used in the earlier stages of pregnancy. Back supports offer gentle and flexible support while stabilising the hips, pelvis and spine. This helps you stay safe while also reducing discomfort in the area, allowing you to continue performing daily and sporting activities with more confidence. If you have back pain and need to keep working or maintain a certain level of activity, back support belts are a great help and are commonplace in most jobs where heavy lifting is required.

Back support belts deliver support that helps prevent and relieve back pain resulting from muscle strain, spasms, sprains and disc problems. For some, this can mean better recovery or be a lifeline if you need to keep going when your back pain is preventing daily or work activities.

While recovering from an injury a back support offers impaired tissues the ability to recover without incurring additional damage. Compression helps with managing and minimizing inflammation. As your condition progresses, belts can help manage the initial stages of activity through healing with greater levels of motion and warmth for increased circulation.

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Price as configured:£39.50 (£47.40 inc. VAT)
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Gentle Forme Back Support Belt Features

  • Gentle compressive support for your back
  • Helps ease pain in the lower back area
  • Slimline and discreet to wear
  • Removable back protection pad gives additional support
  • Available in 4 sizes for individual fit

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