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Hag Quickstep Footrest

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Product Code: BCS178

The HAG Quickstep footrest has been designed to follow HAG's principles of encouraging greater movement, through its tilting function. Simply place one or both feet on the foot rest and gently rock backwards and forwards. This stimulates ankle movement and generates greater blood flow around the legs and body. The HAG Quickstep effectively raises the floor height to ensure individual's can be sat at the correct height for their desk and receive full foot support.

The HAG Quickstep can be used in the rocking functionality or flipped over and kept in a flat, static position. There are also ridges on the footrest which have been created to offer massaging functionality for the feet.

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Price as configured:£104.00 (£124.80 inc. VAT)
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Standard Features

  • Tilting footrest, stimulates circulation
  • Turn it upside down and you have a foot massager
Width (cm): 45
Depth (cm): 33
Height (cm): 10.5

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