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Kango Stand Up Stool

£199.00 238.80 inc. VAT)
Product Code: BCS99559

Kango Stand Up Stool is an ergonomic sit stand chair that has been designed for active work environments where standing is required for long periods of time. The chair allows you to sit in a perched position, so you can rest your legs and relax without the need of a cumbersome full-sized chair. This ensures you are protected from strain and kept energized throughout your working day.

Kango Stand Up Stool Product Details

Kango Stand Up Stool is compact, light and highly portable making it perfect for active workspaces as it takes up little floor space and does not inhibit movement. A built-in carry handle enhances portability and the chair is extremely stable thanks to its semi-circular steel base.

The chairs cylindrical seat is made from soft, washable polyurethane and comfort is further enhanced by a built-in shock absorber. A non-rotating, tilted gas-lift stem offers height-adjustments of 630-860mm or 750mm-980mm with the extension piece.

The chair is finished in a choice of four colours and a chrome gas stem finishes off its modern look.

Ergonomic Benefits

Sit stand, or standing chairs, encourage a more perched posture which allows you to perform more efficiently. This upright position opens up your core, positively affecting your cardiovascular system. Breathing becomes easier and circulation is improved because your organs are no longer contracted. This results in feeling more energized, greater levels of concentration and improved productivity.

Sit stand chairs are particularly beneficial in workplaces where standing for long periods of time is normal. This can result in fatigue, if not long-term musculoskeletal injuries. Sit stand chairs will help protect against this due to the stress reduction that comes with perched sitting.

Lower back pain is a symptom that can develop from standing for extended periods of time. As your muscles tire, your back can arch unnaturally and this puts excessive strain on your lower back. Perching on a sit stand chair tilts the pelvis forwards, allowing the spine to return to it’s natural ‘S-shape’. This natural posture provides the greatest core strength and allows your muscles to relax and recover.

Sit Stand chairs facilitate active working while strengthening your core muscles. They allow you to work unhindered in a 3D space and easily transition between sitting and standing. Perched sitting requires you to subconsciously engage your core muscles to maintain a healthy upright posture and over time this helps develop great core strength.

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Price as configured:£199.00 (£238.80 inc. VAT)
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Kango Stand Up Stool Features

  • Designed for perching
  • Relieves 2/3 of your body weight
  • Compact and portable
  • Gaslift height-adjustable
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Cleanable seat includes shock absorber
  • Available in four colours

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Weight Limit (Stone): 20.5
Guarantee: 5 Years
Seat Height (cm): 63-86, 75-98
Seat Width (cm): 34
Seat Depth (cm): 10

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