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Contemporary Laptop Kit

£195.90 235.08 inc. VAT)

The Contemporary Laptop Kit includes the latest ergonomic products with the Shadow Laptop Stand, Ultraboard 950 Wireless Keyboard and Rockstick mouse. This unique bundle offers superior comfort and support by providing a completely ergonomic setup with laptop use. The laptop kit is suitable for both left and right handed and is also wireless, making the keyboard and mouse easy to move without the worry of cables.

The wireless properties of the keyboard and mouse along with the world's thinnest laptop stand weighing just over 100 grams, make this laptop kit a perfect solution for mobile workers.

If you regularly use a laptop, this laptop kit will ensure the correct posture to reduce muscular strain and injuries associated with standard laptop use.

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Price as configured:£195.90 (£235.08 inc. VAT)
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Standard Features

  • The latest ergonomic products
  • Wireless for easy portable use
  • Provides superior comfort and support
  • Suitable for left and right handed users


Shadow Laptop Stand

Ultraboard 950 Wireless Keyboard

Rockstick Mouse


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