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LeBloc Monitor Stand Flat Screen

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Product Code: BCS6012 , BCS6013

LeBloc Monitor Stand is a cost-effective and simple solution that enables you to raise your monitor to the correct ergonomic height. The units are modular, so you can safely stack them on top of each other to achieve a comfortable and safe working position.

LeBloc Monitor Stand Product Details

LeBloc Monitor Stands offer a modular solution for setting the right height for your LED or LCD display screen, which is universally accepted as a key factor in workstation ergonomics. The monitor stands have been designed to lock together and a mixture of 25mm and 50mm heights allow you to fine-tune your working position. This allows you to work with the correct posture, particularly in the upper back, shoulder and neck to help avoid developing discomfort and back pain.

The stands are suitable for most desktop screens and available in either warm grey or black. Each stand has a space-saving storage area for documents and a pen storage area allows you to keep stationery to hand while keeping your desk nice and tidy.

Ergonomic Benefits

Ergonomic monitor stands help to improve your posture by positioning your screen at a comfortable viewing height. This should be so that the top of your screen is positioned just below your eye line as you sit upright and at an arm’s length away. This allows you to sit and work without stooping and looking down which reduces the chances of shoulder, neck and eye strain.

Because your monitor is positioned ergonomically you are able to perform better. You can work for longer periods without the chances of strain and your workspace is optimised so your movements are kept to a minimum.

Monitor stands also help to organise and keep your desk space tidy. Your monitor is raised which frees up desk space for other uses such as storage and equipment placement. The raised height also allows for appropriate positioning of other ergonomic products such as in-line document holders and writing slopes.

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Please note that the stands are sold in singles. If you require more than one block please amend the quantity to the amount required

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Price as configured:£11.00 (£13.20 inc. VAT)
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LeBloc Monitor Stand Standard Features

  • Positions monitors at an ergonomic height
  • Stack to 3 units high
  • Blocks interlock for stability
  • Combine 25mm and 50mm blocks 
  • Black or warm grey colour
  • Suits most desktop flat screen display screens
Width (cm): 30
Depth (cm): 22
Height (cm): 5

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