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Maltron Single Hand Keyboard

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Product Code: BCS6517

Maltron Single Hand Keyboard is an ergonomic keyboard designed for people who need to type with one hand. The special shape and key layout have been very carefully planned allowing users to type quickly and comfortably. Typing speeds of 85 words per minute(wpm) are possible, which is excellent when you consider the average person achieves between 60 and 85 wpm.

Maltron Single Hand Keyboard Product Details

Maltron Single Hand Keyboard has been developed as a logical step forward to meet the needs of people who need to type with one hand. The shape matches natural hand movement and the key arrangement minimises finger movement. This helps to raise typing speed, which relieves frustration, while keeping you comfortable and protected from strain. Both left and right-hand models are designed for touch typing.

Word-processing input speeds of 85 words per minute have been demonstrated by operators using Maltron single handed keyboards. The fully ergonomic shape ensures freedom from strain and no RSI type problems have been reported in over 10 years, even though all the work is done by one hand.

These keyboards have Push-On/Push-Off keys for Shift, Control and Alt functions, which are essential for single-hand operation. The unique switchable dual layout feature of Maltron keyboards has now been developed for their single-handed keyboards to give an alternative number entry option. The alphabetic, numeric and arrow keys are all included in the depression of the keyboard. There is also a separate numeric keypad on a flat plane and the function keys are arranged in a single row across the top of the keyboard. Windows keys are also included.

A secondary set of number keys has also been included in the depression of the keyboard, positioned above the letter keys. Sometimes intensive number-crunching using the numeric keypad is not ergonomic and can lead to fatigue as there is nowhere to rest the hand during pauses. To overcome this problem the secondary number keys are quickly available via a toggle key.

Ergonomic Benefits

Research by Microsoft shows that an active computer user covers 32 km with their fingers daily which makes your keyboard a very important part of your workstation. This means that choosing the right keyboard is vital.

Prolonged typing can be strenuous and lead to discomfort and injury if an ergonomic keyboard is not utilised. With an ergonomic keyboard keys typically offer low-impact typing and optimised layouts are high-contrast with function keys positioned for efficiency and minimal movement. These ergonomic features allow you to focus and work more productively, protected from strain.

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Price as configured:£295.00 (£354.00 inc. VAT)
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Maltron Single Hand Keyboard Features

  • Single-handed keyboard
  • Optimised layout for quick comfortable typing
  • Shape matches natural hand movement
  • Key arrangement minimises finger movement
  • Typing speeds up to 85 wpm
  • Latching function keys
  • Integrated number pad
  • Secondary number keys
  • Available in black
  • USB connectivity
  • PC compatibility

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Connectivity: Wired
Right/Left Handed: Right , Left
Width (cm): 30.5
Depth (cm): 22.6
Height (cm): 11

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