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Monitor arms & stands to position your monitor correctly

Our range of monitor arms and monitor stands ensure that monitors are placed at the correct height and distance from an individual to reduce eye strain.

Monitors should be positioned so that they are directly in front of the user at arms length distance, with the top of the visible screen at eye level. Our monitor arms and monitor stands enable computer monitors to be positioned ergonomically for each individual, reducing strain on the back, neck and eyes for the whole workforce.

We have a wide range of monitor arms and monitor stands from economic options such as standard monitor riser blocks, to fully adjustable monitor arms.

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Why should I use a monitor arm / monitor Stand?

If the monitor is further than arms length away it encourages people to lean forward, causing a hunched posture and strain on the back. Alternatively, if the monitor is too close then it can cause strain on the eyes. A monitor arm or monitor stand enables the monitor to be positioned at arms length from the body, providing a comfortable viewing distance

The monitor should also be positioned with the top of the screen at eye-level. If the monitor is too high or too low then it will cause an uncomfortable viewing angle which will place strain on the neck. Our monitor arms and monitor stands enable the monitor to be positioned at exactly the right height - promoting an upright posture.

Monitor risers - particularly monitor arms - are an ideal solution for hot-desking environments, as each individual can position the monitor at the correct height and distance for them. The height of each individual will vary, and therefore their monitor height requirements will too. Monitor risers allow individual and varied monitor heights for the whole population.

Types of Monitor Risers

Monitor Arms- These are the most effective monitor risers as they offer complete flexibility with a full range of movement such as tilt and rotation. They are also easily adjusted in height and depth.

Our monitor arms are available with either clamp and/or desk bolt-through fittings and with models offering either a single or double monitor solution. By completely lifting the monitor from off the desk, monitor arms free up valuable desk space.

Monitor Stands- Our monitor stands offer an economic monitor riser solution as the monitor simply sits on top of them. Our monitor riser blocks are stackable, allowing for the correct monitor height to be achieved. Monitor stands can also be positioned inline with the user to ensure the correct viewing distance.

Monitor stand with copyholder - We have a range of monitor stands offering easy adjustment of the monitor height and paperwork at the same time. The LCD Monitor Stand with Copyholder provides a 2-in1 solution by raising both the monitor and paperwork to the correct viewing height.

Alternative monitor risers which also double up as a sit-stand workstations are the VARIDESK and Ergotron WorkFit workstations.

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