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Screen Lift Monitor Arm

£55.00 66.00 inc. VAT)
Product Code: BCS68295, BCS68295-D

The Screen Lift monitor arm is a cost-effective and reliable monitor arm which offers fantastic versatility for your screen position. The strong and robust design enables each arm to fit monitors from 17 to 30" - optimising the viewing position of each screen used. Available in single and double versions, the Scree Lift monitor arm allows height, depth, tilt and rotation of each screen independently.

The Screen Lift monitor arm also fits into any office aesthetics with the sleek and attractive design. The price point makes it the perfect option for multi-desk office renovations as well as individual use.

Screen Lift monitor arms help to improve posture by raising screens to the correct height for each user whilst also saving space by raising monitors off the desk. Monitor arms ensure that the correct viewing distance between the display screen and user are maintained; with the top of the screen at eye-level. This reduces downwards or upwards viewing postures which cause strain on the neck. 

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Price as configured:£55.00 (£66.00 inc. VAT)
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  • Angle adjustable in height and sideways tilt
  • Full 360 degree screen rotation
  • Height and distance adjustment for optimal viewing
  • Quick and easy assembly - Desk clamp 
  • VESA attachment
  • Fits screens 17-30" in size and up to 10kg in weight per arm
  • Supplied in black finish
Rotation: 360°
Tilt: 85°
Pan: 360°
Weight Capacity (KG): 10
Desk Clamp Capacity: 2-12cm
Bolt Through Capacity: 2-10cm
Maximum Screen Size: 17" - 30"
VESA Fitting: Yes

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