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Posturite Ark Keyboard

£57.95 69.54 inc. VAT)

The Posturite Ark Keyboard has been designed to make it easier and more comfortable to work on the move and at a desk. The sleek, thin and curved design makes it as stylish as it is functional with the Posturite Ark Keyboard rising at the back in a gentle arc to reduce stretch when reaching for keys. This limits muscular fatigue and repetitive strain to enable users to type for longer in greater comfort. 

The wireless technology on the Ark Keyboard connects instantly to any computer or laptop, removing the need for wires. The lightweight structure of the Posturite Ark Keyboard also makes it easy for transporting and even comes with a soft black pouch for extra protection against damage. It is therefore the ideal solution for mobile workers as well as desk setups for home and office based workers.

The Posturite Ark Keyboard's mini design also promotes closer mouse-use to the body to reduce repeetitive strain and reaching for the mouse - bringing everything into the comfortable reach zone. All of these features make the Ark Keyboard a great option when considering your new keyboard.

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Price as configured:£57.95 (£69.54 inc. VAT)
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  • Curved design to increase typing comfort 
  • Mini size for easy transportation and comfortable use
  • Enables the mouse to be brought closer to the body - reducing repetitive strain
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Plug & Play
  • Function keys to control media or shortcuts
  • Attractive glossy design
  • UK Layout
Connectivity: Wireless
Width (cm): 29.5
Depth (cm): 12.3
Height (cm): 1.9

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