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PUK Wrist Support

£10.00 12.00 inc. VAT) was £15.00 (20.00% OFF)
Product Code: BCS6826

The PUK wrist rest glides with your wrist, so that you are constantly supported. Designed to rest between your wrist and palm, the PUK wrist support is ideal for use with both your mouse and keyboard. The top of the PUK wrist rest is made from a latex-free thermosplastic elsatomer (hybrid of plastic and rubber) for maximum comfort

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Price as configured:£10.00 (£12.00 inc. VAT)
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Standard Features

  • Sculpted shape to support your wrist
  • Made from non-allergenic material 
  • Smooth, comfortable, gliding wrist rest
  • Follows your hand in all its movements

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