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Rockstick 2 Mouse

£89.95 107.94 inc. VAT)
Product Code: BCS68276 , BCS68277-L

The Rockstick 2 mouse is a revolutionary vertical mouse by removing conventional mouse clicking and introducing a mouse which you rock left and right to operate the click function. This makes the Rockstick 2 mouse ideal for individual's with arthritis that find clicking uncomfortable, whilst it also helps with reducing repetitive strain from continual finger clicking by utilising the strength of the whole hand rather than just the finger.

The extra benefit of the Rockstick mouse is the ambidextrous functionality which spreads the workload between both hands, further reducing repetitive strain by allowing rest periods for either hand. To operate the mouse with either hand you simply flick a switch on the bottom of the mouse to switch the functionality from right-handed use to left and vice versa.

As the Rockstick 2 mouse is a vertical mouse, it reduces wrist and forearm pronation by encouraging a more natural forearm and wrist position when compared to traditional mice. There is also a ledge for the Rockstick mice to reduce finger rubbing by lifting the little finger off the desk. This ledge is detachable on the small/medium sized Rockstick mouse but fixed on the larger models.

There are two size versions of the Rockstick 2 mouse available, to provide a better fit and greater comfort to user's with various hand sizes. Both size versions are wireless to provide the added benefit of removing the restriction of wires.

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Price as configured:£89.95 (£107.94 inc. VAT)
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Standard Features

  • Ambidextrous mouse with a simple switch to alternate hands
  • Left & Right click operated by 'rocking' the mouse left and right
  • Enables whole hand operation as opposed to finger clicking
  • Vertical design helps to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Lip to avoid finger rubbing
  • Wireless
Connectivity: Wired, Wireless
Right/Left Handed: Right , Left, Ambidextrous
Width (cm): 8.8 (Medium) | 9.4 (Large)
Depth (cm): 9 (Medium) | 10 (Large)
Height (cm): 8 (Medium) | 9 (Large)

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