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Sacroiliac Back Support Belt

£37.50 45.00 inc. VAT)

Sacroiliac Back Support Belt is a unisex lower back support belt that is ideal for a number of issues, including hip and lower back pain, pelvis instability and sacroiliac syndrome. The back support offers gentle and flexible stability, allowing you to recover meaningfully and enjoy a greater quality of life, free from back pain.

Sacroiliac Back Support Belt Product Details

Sacroiliac Back Support Belt helps immobilise any of your injured back areas and stabilise areas of weakness post-surgery. This helps keep you protected, while reducing discomfort, allowing you to recover satisfactorily and perform your daily activities.

The back support belt helps to re-establish the natural movement of your joints which allows you to return to a more active lifestyle with a good foundation for rehabilitation. Side pulls provide additional support for greater stability when you need it.

There are four sizes to choose from, allowing you to select the right fit for your needs. Please take a measurement approximately 17cm below your waistline to establish the size you need. If your measurement is in between two sizes, please select the larger belt as this will provide the best comfort and ensure good blood flow.

The support is suitable for waist sizes as follows:

  • S: 76-86cm (30-34")
  • M: 89-102cm (35-40")
  • L: 104-117cm (41-46")
  • XL: 120-132cm (47-52")

The width of the support in all size variations is 7.5cm.

Ergonomic Benefits

Ergonomic products can significantly improve your health and wellbeing at work and allow you to perform at your best. Wearing a back support belt can offer numerous health benefits and help with your quality of life. However, using this kind of product should always be done in consultation with your doctor.

Back supports belts can be beneficial if you have suffered an injury or are recovering from surgery. The back support can help facilitate good posture so you recover correctly. After a back injury, limiting the movement in your back is beneficial because it allows your injury to heal without any adverse influence from musculoskeletal exertion.

Stabilising your back and abdomen can help relieve pain and promote good posture, especially when you are active or transitioning between sitting and standing. This makes them particularly beneficial for use at work and when a return to work programme is needed. A correctly specified back support will give you the confidence you need to go about your daily work routines. You will be protected from injury and the distraction of pain, and enjoy good recovery.

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Price as configured:£37.50 (£45.00 inc. VAT)
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Sacroiliac Back Support Belt Standard Features

  • Gentle and flexible support
  • Immobilises injured areas and assists in recovery
  • Stabilises areas of weakness post- surgery
  • Reduces pressure on the spine while lifting
  • Improves posture and elongates the spine
  • Makes transitional movements more comfortable
  • Helps alleviate back pain
  • A non-invasive alternative to surgery
  • Available in four sizes

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