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Swopper Stool Classic

£440.00 528.00 inc. VAT)

The Swopper stool is the first seat in the world to move in all three dimensions. The spring loaded base promotes greater movement and follows your every move. The Swopper Classic straightens the upper part of your body, which frees the diaphragm for a deeper breath and improved circulation. The result is better performance and higher concentration.

The sprung seat on the Swopper Stool Classic keeps your body in constant motion, whilst the forward tilt avoids the need to hunch your back. The Swopper Classic promotes a more active seated position and encourages movement at the same time as sitting up straight.The Swopper stool classic is the all-rounder of the Swopper family with a convex-shaped seat and a microfiber soft touch fabric for even greater comfort. It is also available in a range of different colours.

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Price as configured:£440.00 (£528.00 inc. VAT)
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Standard Features

  • Seat height adjustment
  • Metal gliders
  • Medium Spring

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