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Tempur Transit Lumbar Support

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Tempur® Transit Lumbar Support is designed to conform to the curvature of your spine so you can sit comfortably while travelling, whether that is in your car or on public transport. Tempur® products are composed of a secret formula that was developed by NASA to support astronauts during lift-off, so you can be sure you will be well protected from back pain and discomfort.

Tempur Transit Lumbar Support Product Details

Tempur® Transit Lumbar Support couples anatomical shaping with pressure relieving material for ultimate comfort and support. Visco-elastic cells actively mould and adapt to your body to satisfactorily meet your postural needs.

Using the support couldn’t be easier, simply place it in-between the chair and your back in your preferred sitting position and enjoy pressure relieving comfort. Ideal for people on-the-go as it will allow you to sit in comfort for long periods of time, protected against discomfort and back pain.

A washable cover ensures your lumbar support can stay clean and fresh.

Ergonomic Benefits

Ergonomic products can significantly improve your health and wellbeing at work and allow you to perform at your best. Good sitting posture means your ears, shoulders and pelvis are kept in alignment. A lumbar support promotes this good posture as it physically prevents you from slumping which can cause flexion stress. Back flexion can lead to discomfort and in the longer term could cause a musculoskeletal injury. With a lumbar support in place, you should sit so that your back remains flush with the backrest as this provides the correct amount of support. Similarly, the support should not push your back forwards as this can overly accentuate the natural curvature of your spine.

If you have an ergonomic office chair, the chances are your chair will have some form of built-in lumbar support and better still the chair will have been specifically designed to suit your body requirements. However, there may well be many instances where the place you sit has inappropriate back support, if any at all. An ergonomic lumbar support is perfect for these situations as it enables you to convert your chair into something with improved postural support. Depending on the portability of the back support this can also be suitable while commuting on public transport, in your car and when flying.

If you have had an injury, a lumbar support could help aid the rehabilitation process. The support will allow you to relax so your body can begin and maintain the healing process, free from stress and strain.

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Tempur Transit Lumbar Support Standard Features

  • Supports good posture
  • Constructed of pressure relieving visco-elastic cells
  • Easy to use with no fixing required
  • Removable cover for washing

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Width (cm): 30
Depth (cm): 6
Height (cm): 25

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