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Vehicle Assessment

£75.00 90.00 inc. VAT)

Our vehicle assessments are designed to assist in the prevention and management of pain and discomfort whilst driving. One of our assessors will attend a location of your choosing to observe an individual in a stationary vehicle. They will identify areas of concern and provide advice and recommendations to improve the levels of comfort when driving. This advice will include adjustment suggestions in the current vehicle ie steering wheel and seat adjustments plus intergration of posture supports where applicable. Following the assessment a full report shall be provided.

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Price as configured:£75.00 (£90.00 inc. VAT)
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Who would benefit from a vehicle assessment?

A vehicle assessment would be beneficial to anyone that drives as part of their job role or has a long driving commute to get to and from their place of work. Driving encourages a sedentary position for long durations which can cause fatigue and vascular conditions. Ensuring that your driving posture is as ergonomic as possible will help to prevent long-term conditions from arising.

What happens before, during and after my Vehicle Assessment?

Once your Vehicle assessment is ordered, we will contact you to book a date and time for the assessment which is convenient for you.

On the day of the assessment we will conduct an on-site assessment with the user of the vehicle and the vehicle itself (this is a stationary assessment). We will observe and discuss any physical complaints in greater depth and analyse the use and driver setup within the vehicle. Each aspect of driving the vehicle will be assessed and adjustments will be made to provide a greater level of comfort and support.

Following the Vehicle Assessment, we shall provide a report which highlights any risks identified and explains any changes made at the assessment. Advice and recommendations to be considered for implementation will also be provided within the report. If applicable, a quote shall also be provided for any product recommendations.


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