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Ergo-Q 260 Laptop Stand

£109.95 131.94 inc. VAT)
Product Code: BCS6821

The Ergo-Q 260 portable laptop stand is lightweight and super thin offering 5 height settings for ergonomic comfort at your office or home computer workstation. It provides a comfortable workstation while also folding down into a slim sheet, perfect for sliding into a laptop bag and then using wherever you need it.

Did you know that using a laptop stand in combination with an external keyboard and mouse increases productivity by 17%? It also significantly improves sitting posture. Neck strain is reduced by 32% and comfort is improved by 21% (Lindblad, 2002). The forearms are also in a more neutral position. This means that physical complaints are substantially reduced (Boersma, 2002) resulting in a happier workforce and drastically reduced absenteeism.

We advise working no longer than two hours a day with a laptop unless combined with a laptop stand and an external keyboard and mouse. A separate Ergonomic keyboard and Ergonomic mouse should be used with Laptop Stands, as the keyboard/mouse part of the laptop becomes too steep for typing use, potentially causing wrist pain. A separate keyboard and mouse also enables the laptop to be placed the correct distance away from the body (roughly arm’s length) to avoid eye strain and overstretching. If a separate keyboard and mouse can’t be used then consider a laptop stand with integrated wrist supports such as the Laptop Stand. We can help with your ergonomic office assessments, training and equipment setup.

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Price as configured:£109.95 (£131.94 inc. VAT)
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Ergo-Q 260 Laptop Stand Standard Features

  • Stylish laptop stand, ultra compact lightweight and portable
  • Five possible height settings
  • Integral A4 document holder
  • Front folds forward for easy insertion
  • Folds flat for easy transportation
  • Winner of the FIRA Ergonomics Excellence Award 2007

Technical Specifications

  • Name Ergo-Q 260
  • Adjustment range 9 - 21 cm
  • Number of angles 5
  • Width 230 mm
  • Height 7 mm
  • Depth 310 mm
  • Weight 390 gr
  • Dimensions of laptop accepted 13-14 inch, 15 inch
  • Mobile Yes
  • Document holder Yes
  • Integrated with laptop No
  • Docking station No
  • Product code

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Width (cm): 23
Depth (cm): 31
Height (cm): 9.4 - 20.6

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