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Ergo-T 340 Laptop Stand

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Ergo-T 340 Laptop Stand allows you to quickly raise the height of your laptop so the screen is positioned at the right height for your needs. This significantly improves your posture, ensuring you can work carefully, comfortably and efficiently.

Ergo-T 340 Laptop Stand Product Details

Ergo-T 340 Laptop Stand is suitable for laptops up to 17” and its foldable, lightweight design make it easy to use at your desk or on-the-go. The unit provides a height range of 9-26cm enabling you to create a workstation to suit your postural needs.

An innovative in-line A4 document holder is built into the unit so you can comfortably reference paperwork without the need for a separate product. The document holder sits above your laptop keyboard when in use and a lip retains paperwork.

The unit provides the option to link a mini-docking station, which can be done with the optional Port Replicator Module of Docking station 340. The unique locking mechanism secures the laptop stand and the attached accessories with just one cable lock.

Cooling sleeves ensure that your laptop is kept cool while you work and a cable management system helps to keep your workspace free of messy wires.

Ergonomic Information

Laptop stands are an essential ergonomic product for laptop users. Typically, a laptop screen is positioned at a working height that is far too low for healthy use. This results in a hunched posture and downward viewing angle which places strain on your eyes, neck, shoulders and back. Eventually, this awkward posture could lead to a musculoskeletal injury.

In order to avoid this poor posture, a laptop stand acts as a riser and positions the screen at an ergonomic viewing angle so you can work in comfort, protected against injury and strain.

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Price as configured:£107.95 (£129.54 inc. VAT)
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Ergo-T 340 Laptop Stand Standard Features

  • Positions screen at ergonomic height
  • Suitable for laptops up to 17”
  • Adjustment range 9-26cm
  • Pivotable document holder
  • Swivel base, multiple viewing angles
  • Docking station capability
  • 5 angle settings
  • 2.8kg weight

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Width (cm): 32.5
Depth (cm): 31
Height (cm): 9-26
Product Weight: 2.8kg

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