Laptop Stand Ergonomics

Laptop Stand

Why Use A Laptop Stand?

Using a laptop flat on the desk without a laptop stand, causes the screen to be positioned too low which can cause strain on the neck, shoulder and lower back through a hunched posture. Laptop Stands are designed to raise the height of the screen to avoid this downward viewing angle.

Using Laptop Stands

A separate Ergonomic keyboard and Ergonomic mouse should be used with Laptop Stands, as the keyboard/mouse part of the laptop becomes too steep for typing use, potentially causing wrist pain. A separate keyboard and mouse also enables the laptop to be placed the correct distance away from the body (roughly arm’s length) to avoid eye strain and overstretching.

If a separate keyboard and mouse can’t be used then consider a laptop stand with integrated wrist supports such as the Laptop Riser.

The majority of laptop stands are height and angle adjustable to allow it to be positioned specifically for each individual user’s requirements. As well as being arm’s length away from the user, the top of the laptop screen should be in direct line with the user’s eye line.

Types of Laptop Stand

When looking for a suitable laptop stand there are several things to consider:

Laptop Size – Ensure the laptop stand meets the size requirements of the laptop.

Portable/Non Portable – Decide if the laptop stand needs to be used at differing locations or one sole location. A portable one such as the Foldinex Portable Laptop Stand can be carried to different locations whilst an Addit Bento Ergonomic Toolbox laptop stand provides a good solution for a fixed workstation.

Weight – Decide if the laptop stand needs to be carried around frequently. An ultra-lightweight laptop stand such as the U Top Laptop Stand avoids any strain being placed on the body when carrying.

Integrated Copyholder – If referencing from paperwork is required when using the laptop then a laptop stand with an integrated document holder such as the U Top Pro Laptop Stand would be a solution.

Lap Use – If the laptop needs to be used away from a workstation then a Lap Desk can be used.

Integrated Document Holders

To further avoid a downward viewing angle, several laptop stands have an integrated document holder which holds paperwork over the keyboard part of the laptop in an upright position. This avoids the downward viewing angle and strain caused by placing documents flat on the desk. Laptop stands that have this function include the U Top ProErgo Q260 and Ergo Q220.

Tablet Stands

Due to recent technological changes with using tablets, ergonomics has followed suit with the production of a range of tablet stands and tablet arms such as the Arrow Tablet Stand and the Viewlite Universal Tablet Holder enable a better viewing angle and position.