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Ergonomic Assessments And Training

In most organisations, there are people who have problems with their equipment, usually connected with a computer or Display Screen Equipment (DSE). Through ergonomic assessments & training, we can help to reduce and combat these problems by providing advice, knowledge and recommendations on solutions as well as assisting with compliance to health & safety and DSE regulations. This will help to reduce absenteeism and overall costs to organisations through sick pay.

At Back Care Solutions, all of our trainers and assessors are advanced DSE trained. The extra benefit of being trained and assessed by us is our vast product knowledge which enables us to specify the right solutions for your needs. We can also bring products with us to demonstrate both at the training and assessments.

We are more than happy to come out and train and/or asses at your national site of choice, but would also welcome you to visit our showroom to be trained or assessed, where we can utilise the vast range of products which we stock

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