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Microdesk Document Holder

£80.00 96.00 inc. VAT)
Product Code: BCS78189 , BCS781891

The Microdesk has been designed for keyboard users that reference paperwork by encouraging an upright posture typing. By positioning the Microdesk document holder between the keyboard and monitor, paperwork can be lifted off the desk, reducing the hunched posture associated with normal paperwork viewing.

Most people when viewing paperwork on their desk have it flat on the desk or placed to the side of their monitor. This causes neck and spinal twisting and arching which can result in injury. Using a Microdesk keeps paperwork directly in front of you and at eye level which minimises the strain placed on the neck and back.

The simple design of the Microdesk includes screw-like height adjustable feet to alter the height and angle of the Microdesk document holder as required and is available in 2 sizes depending on the desk space available. If you type and read at the same time then consider the Microdesk.

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Price as configured:£80.00 (£96.00 inc. VAT)
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Standard Features

  • Fits in-between the monitor and keyboard to avoid strain on the neck and eyes
  • Allows access to the keyboard at all times 
  • Height and angle adjustable for individual comfort
  • Width accommodates full range of keyboards
  • Utilises desk space with elevated, adjustable working surface
  • Easily lifted and stored when not in use
  • Includes non slip line guide
Width (cm): 56 (Standard) | 43 (Mini)
Depth (cm): 31
Height (cm): 75-95 (Front) |15-19 (Back)

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