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Multi-Purpose Stand

£249.99 299.99 inc. VAT)
Product Code: BCS6077

The Multi-Purpose stand acts as a book or document holderlaptop stand and writing stand all-in-one.

The stand allows you to enjoy hands-free reading while seated or lying down and can even function upside down as it holds both book and pages in place. The stand also offers the same functionality when used as a writing surface or laptop stand and allows you to position yourself in an ergonomically approved position while working.

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Price as configured:£249.99 (£299.99 inc. VAT)
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Multi-Purpose Stand Standard Features

  • Helps with painful backs, necks and hands
  • Accommodates almost any size of book, laptop or writing material
  • Can be angled infinitely, allowing reading from any angle
  • Page holders keep the page in place
  • Turn the page with just one hand
  • Glare resistant tray for holding books
  • Accommodates any size of laptop
  • Tray will accommodate writing on A4 sheets
  • Height-adjustable up to 140cm
  • Sturdy steel base on casters allows for ease of movement
  • Arm reaches 60cm

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