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Ergonomic Chair Setup Videos

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Our ergonomic chair setup videos have been created to assist with the setup of your new or existing chair. They provide clear visuals for the adjustments and ideal chair setup for each model listed. If you own a chair which does not have a video setup listed, the principles behind each video are transferable to any office chair as long as you have familarised yourself with the adjustments available on your chair. Simply watch the videos at the link below and adjust your chair as you go to provide a free yet effective setup of your chair.

Click here for our FREE chair setup videos.

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We will be adding more chair setup videos soon so please keep checking the video link above. If you would like to see a chair setup video of a chair which does not currently have one then please just get in touch!


If you require one of our ergonomic chairs and are unsure which model and features you require then please complete our POSE Form below.

Our POSE form takes your body measurements and clinical details which enables us to specify a chair model suited to you and your needs.

Simply send the form back to us and we will return a quote for the correct model and specification that you require within 1 business day.

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